Monday, August 10, 2009

In the lobby - A Sacred Space....

Every time I was near this mural - I found myself wanting to stand and stare at its beauty and color. It was created in 1979 by Pauli Lame, a designer and fabricator. It is called "Willow and Reflection". There is another piece to this design which is a table that sits in the center of the lobby. It was removed for additional space for the opening reception.There they are...hanging proudly. Scott Perkins, the Curator for this exhibit told me that it was rare to have art in the lobby - which is considered "sacred space". I felt humbled inside when he shared this with me. Scott then said with a smile...that finding the right spot and hanging these pieces caused a little drama behind the scenes for the Curator Crew. I said...tell me...tell me...!!
Scott mentioned that they considered several places to hang these three pieces but every option fell short of what he had envisioned. He tried different windows, had lights shining on them, but when he saw that light reflecting from behind and space for all three together was in the lobby - he said this is where they must go.
Pat, the receptionist was very nice. She made me feel very welcome. She said she had not been used to having the curtains open and also having art out here that was so colorful. Many people help volunteer to keep the Price Tower Arts Center and they have very dedicated employees who believe in the Arts Center as well as the Architectural works of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Marie Miller, an Embroidery Artist from Oklahoma City relaxes. It was quiet and peaceful in this space.

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Heidi Lame said...

I'm Pauli Lame's granddaughter. The mural at the Price Tower is one of my favorites of all her works of art. She would be delighted to hear that people appreciate and admire her art so much!