Monday, August 10, 2009

Some interesting people I met this weekend....

This is Christine Staton, Director of Visitor Services at the Price Tower Arts Center. The PTAC gave me the opportunity to display some of my smaller pieces of glass art in their museum gift store. I met her in Tulsa to deliver my art. She collected pieces from other Tulsa artists on that day then later created a beautiful display of all our work in her store. She is talented as it takes an "eye" to create a display of different items that "invites you in". She incorporated all of the works nicely with all of the additional interesting items the gift store had for sale.
This IS the man behind it all. WOW - Scott Perkins...what a pleasure it has been to work with you. He is a scholar in the history of decorative arts, design, and culture and has served as the Price Tower Art Center's Curator of Collections and Exhibitions since January 2006. He was patient with me as I had not been through this process before. He "master-minded" the entire event while in the process of planning events for the Price Tower Arts Center that are scheduled two and three years down the road. Much of the funding to support the center is created through grants which requires planning so far into the future. He has some exciting projects in the works for the Arts Center. The UK/OK exhibit came about as a result for the need to bring attention back to hand-crafted design and to honor and embrace these traditions. It was the first time for me to be a part of this kind of event as I usually participate in events that primarily consist of talented painters and photographers. I felt like I fit in with this group of artists.
This is Jim, my boyfriend. His father, the late Jack Hill was a talented artist himself. Jim grew up around art and enjoys being with me at these events. We went up to the 15th and 16th floor of the Price Tower to the Copper Bar. You could look outside and see the city lights of Bartlesville.

I regret to say that I can not recall the names of these two people. I have no excuses. He stepped in to quickly offer taking the picture of Jim and myself.

He and his girlfriend were from outside of the United States and had taken a month off to visit all of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. They had been to several places already, including "Fallingwater" in Ohiopyle (Bear Run) Pennsylvania. They said that some of the places they had visited you could not get inside. They stayed there one night in the skyscraper and said they really had enjoyed being able to experience this building. We talked briefly about Frank Lloyd Wright, who he was, and his architectural designs.
They were very nice.

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