Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2) Visit with Parents - we all became a team...completing a glass commission...

I showed her pictures of the home where the two glass windows would hang. She studied the interior of the home, the color of the wood rafters, while considering the colors seen in my actual work. She came up with a perfect color.

She kept saying," what if this " or "what if that" and I said Mother..."YOU CAN DO IT" YOU HAVE TO, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MIX PAINT COLORS .......and you know what...she did. She came up with a beautiful and perfect match.

She continued to help me by painting the frame while I worked out in my school bus on the other window. Soon- my Mother and I ended up painting the second frame together. It was "CRUNCH TIME" and my mom "came through"!

If you scroll down to see "older posts" you can see how PERFECT in color my Mother had matched the copper in the design and the wood in the customer's home.
My Dad often came in and sat down with us - looking through the phone book for telephone numbers, or gathering information he needed to complete the tasks he was going to accomplish at my house while he was there.
While he was there he sealed my house for the winter, staked my sycamore tree, helped guide the men who gave me a new drive to my property while I was out of state, he gave me ideas on how to winterize my mower, and how to pull the ivy out from the siding of my home. He bought me a burn barrel and helped to burn debris and trash and bought a new dog house for my outdoor dog. He is a little tough on the outside, but has one of the biggest hearts on the inside.
Moxy - my Mom's pure bred little DIVA - oops...did I say that? Well she is the cutest little pure-bred Schnauzer dog I have ever met. She does get the "star" treatment but she is still so loving and so cute like the "little girl dog" she is. The only time she got excited and maybe a little frustrated was when she wanted to go run and play with my big outdoor dog, "Hide", also a girl.
My mom was wise in that as much as she wanted Moxy to play freely - Moxy would want to run everywhere that Hide did, which is all over and MORE of my ten acres of woods. If they ever got separated - would Moxy know the way home????

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