Saturday, October 17, 2009

Processing - still evolving....

The frame was beginning to get some color from being primed first and then lightly sprayed with a brown paint that gave the surface some more texture. Also at this time I was trying to attach two small crystal "bowls" at the top and bottom, but that idea did not work. I had hoped to attach them and then solder a free hanging crystal in the center. Oh well...those are moments I remember that I am not really in control of how this designs evolves. I am another "tool" used in the process.

These four wires were used/soldered in at each corner to hold the pieces up in the air once they were hung from the cedar rafter. I bought them at The North Pole, in Alaska....(yes, its real)...from two stained glass artists at a stained glass supply place. When they are called to repair stained glass windows who have been built into cabins, it is the wire they use. I figure if it can endure the harsh environment of Alaska , they will be strong enough to hang these windows securely.

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