Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Workshop went VERY WELL!!!

The Arts District of Ada gave me the opportunity to get up and share my story of how I came to live in my "artful life'. I would like to do this more. Please visit their website: http://www.artsdisctrictofada.com/

This is Bridget Forshay. She helped to provide me with all that I needed to share my story. She wrote/helped to write a grant so that East Central University could have an event where there was a learning workshop for artists as well as a Art Festival where artist's could sell their work - right there on their campus. The community could buy hand-made original art...its a win-win all the way around....
She is flying to Pennsylvania for a week to share her efforts with others ...so they can duplicate the project to help support the arts in their state...COOOL-OH-RAMMA! You go girl!!!!

I got a t-shirt to wear....COOL LOGO...Go ADA, Oklahoma !!!

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