Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taking a Break from visit...

My mom and my daughter visiting together. Three generations together in my home - mom, me, and my beautiful daughter, Jessica Ryan Day.

No matter how passionate we are with life, it is important to slow down and take the time to visit with those that we love. This past month my parents drove from Northern California to visit with me for the month of October.
They helped me maintain my property while I made trips to Washington DC and to Chicago, Illinois. We laughed, and hugged and talked about lots of things. They are very special to me, so I hope you don't mind my short tribute to my parents on my art blog.

After all, where would I be with my parents? I'd like to believe that my creativity came from both of them. My Grandfather on my Dad's side was a welder. He had lots of ingenuity and created most of his own welding tools. My Dad carries that ingenuity into his "fly-tying". He has tied "flies" for himself and other men and women who love to fish for several years. He is always creating new lures to trick and catch any type of fish in any type of pond or river. He knows whatever they like, whatever conditions.

My Grandmother on my Mom's side was an oil painter. Then my Mom became an oil painter. She is artistic and precise. She likes realism. We discovered we are both inspired by bright colors of the west, like reds, orange, and fuchsia colors.

These next few entries document my time spent with them. Enjoy.

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