Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3) Visit with Parents - Help from Everyone...

This picture was also posted previously in my blog. After the pieces were hung we all went to eat at St. Benedict's Market in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I highly recommend eating there.

I couldn't have completed the commission without the help of the people in the photo. Jim, my boyfriend helped to guide me through the packaging, delivering and hanging of the two windows. My Mom and Dad were there to provide ideas - feedback - and support.

All of us played Mexican Train. A favorite game of my parents. We all got a chance at winning except Jim. Sorry might take awhile to get your engine running...I have a feeling you will come from behind and actually beat me sometime....
I realized when I played with my folks that they were really competitive. Competitive with each other especially. They had a lot of fun with this and I did too. I won a few games in a row...and I don't think my Dad liked that too he and I engaged in some healthy competition.
If I had to speculate who the overall winner was for the month of would be close between my Mom and Dad.

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