Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Tree - with gifts!!!

I just love it...I really enjoyed creating this piece for my customer.
I took the jewelry wire and threaded glass beads on it, curled the wire and let it cascade down three sides of the Christmas tree.

This show the top of the Christmas tree. A wine bottle was broke and I took the tip of the bottle and used it for the top of the tree. A string of colored lights will be pulled up into the Christmas tree from underneath. I have not done this as the colored lights are the very last touch.

These are glass gift boxes that I created for my Christmas tree. I tried to make them look like actual gifts. After I cut the sections, fluxed, foiled and soldered each one. I took jewelry wire and threaded glass beads onto the wire then curled it around to resemble package bows.

I tried to make different size and you know...all gifts are different and unique. I wasn't too crazy about the blue box with the "v" I added a strong of crystals from a vintage jewelry bracelet. You may note the change when I add a picture to my blog of the tree lit!! So come back and visit!!!

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