Sunday, May 2, 2010

The creativity has begin...

This past Saturday I went and bought all the supplies I would need to begin to create new glass art for the Taos, New Mexico "Walking on Glass Tour".
Photos - or maybe "my" photos don't always photograph the glass in their true colors that I see them in at the time, but I do my best. Imagine all of these colors with light reflected from behind and in front, then they really become illuminated and enhanced.
I bought lots of unusual designs and styles of glass, in addition to "found objects" that I use in detail. The "found objects" don't general come to me until the last layering of any design. The flat glass constitutes the first basic foundation of each design.
I often do not have, but a general idea or direction as to where an art project/ journey will take me - I just made the selections based on images of colors I had been studying over the last few weeks and what colors I was drawn to at the time. Later this week, I plan to make a visit to my favorite store in Shawnee, Oklahoma,. called, "Green's Corner" - this is where I find the most unusual "found objects" for the detail in most of my artwork.

Its is actually a bright teal, or bluegreen, but the photo pulled out a lot of the green...

Blue glass with unusual texture, looks like leaves or feathers.

Red, hand blown flat glass. I had to hold the panel up with one what you see is my table and studio through the red glass....

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