Saturday, May 8, 2010

OKay - let me explain this skull...

For my exhibit in Taos this summer, I had considered the idea of creating a realistic in size, glass cow skull which would be three dimensional, hang from the wall with lights fed up through the middle. I wanted to use glass for the head, but use real horns somehow. I had looked at many pictures to see how I could do this. That had been my thought brewing in my mind for this project. Low and behold, I came across this cow skull and was so drawn to its overall shape and design and especially how the horns had grown. Immediately it was the image I wanted to work from - but did I want to buy a cow skull?
I looked around some more at other things and came back to this skull and I bought it. When I got it home, I lifted it up onto my porch. When I did the hard cuticle of his horns slipped off in my hands. There I was with what I needed to create my glass cow skull. I decided to soak the rest of it in some bleach water, but have now heard from my Niece that I should have used hydrogen peroxide. I have taken the skull out. It is cleaner, but hopefully not too much more brittle. I will use the shape as a model and then retire it on my property to hang proudly somewhere.
I will incorporate these two pieces in my project.

Skull soakin...

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