Monday, May 3, 2010

Sagebrush Lamp - getting warmed up....

When I think of New Mexico, how can I not think of sage, its meaning, its smell. The colors I chose were inspired by how I have seen sagebrush in its natural environment. As a teal or gray colored green bush, surrounded by golden grasses in the prairies, with a backdrop of a dusky orange sunset sky.
These pieces show the potential design of the crown of the lamp. Tarnished silver sun faces, pieces of the vase from its stand, a green planter (broken), clear and gold glass gems, white and orange glass, with tan colored glass that came from an antique hanging glass lampshade.

I am still not done with it yet. It is helpful for me to see the design in this way, so I can study the pictures for awhile...

The broken base, which will become a lamp stand. This next layer (from glass in the background) must be solid, still interesting, and shaped in such a way to allow access for crystal little lights to be push up inside and throughout.

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