Saturday, May 8, 2010

So many rooms...

This room always has lots of Native American and Mexican artwork and items.
Charlie, the cashier is always there to greet you with a smile. He knows about every item for sale in the store. Where it came from, or what it is. He told me the store has been around for twenty years and all items come up through the Shawnee community although he has people from as far south as Ada who bring items to sell. One couple from Arizona used to come through Shawnee with items to sell them but not anymore. Charlie didn't want his picture taken so you'll just have to come by and meet him yourself.
These bottles used to hold liquor.

This room has lots of larger tools used today and old cast iron tools from the past.

This is the cast iron room. More tools, pots, horse shoes - you name it, its there. This was where I got the idea to hang some of my work from old ice tongs.

You walk outside, and the pieces of miscellaneous items get larger. I like to just look at everything, wondering what they are and if I can use anything within my art.

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