Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the sunlight....

After I had soldered all the pieces in each window pane I went back later with a small paintbrush and painted a black patina on ever single solder line on every single glass piece.
Morning sun coming through from the south......

The pattern of the plaid curtains in the customer's home ran horizontal and the thick white blinds in all her windows ran horizontal so I created a horizontal design that would flow with everything else in that living area.

It looks different at every angle as the sun reflects through the glass. In the direct sunlight the colors of teal, green and turquoise boldly light the room. At night with the living room lights reflecting off of the glass enable the clear glass pieces to glisten. The clear glass I chose for this design had a texture of ripples throughout. I made sure when I cut the glass that the ripple pattern in the glass went horizontal, like everything else.

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