Friday, January 21, 2011

Looking good!

What a pretty skull.

I laid my needle nose pliers next to the design so you can see how large it is. It is life size.

Done! I have no pictures of when/how the horns were attached - I guess it was just too intense of a process to break my focus and stop to take photos.
I secured them in the design by soldering the ends of the two horns to one long rectangled shaped glass piece. I had lots of space to maneuver the horns in and out of the skull to find the right position and also find out how many other places I could solder them to the skull for secure placement.
So if you were to imagine it - behind the top front of the skull and flowers ran one single band of glass shaped like a thin rectangle which helped to bond both ends of the horns together. Once I slipped them through the holes, I soldered them to the outside edges of the design.

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