Friday, January 21, 2011

"We Care for the Earth" Mural - finally finished!

This is Jay, a Respect Diversity volunteer - doing his "Vanna White" impersonation to show off the beautiful "We Care for the Earth" mural.
This mural was painted by pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade students under the guidance of professional artists during the first week of November. The project was lead by Joan Korenblit, Executive Director of the Respect Diversity Foundation.
"We Care for the Earth" mural was painted in honor of the Tenth Annual Respect Diversity Symbol Exhibit that will be held March 11-May 11, 2011. Young people are celebrating diversity in creative ways as they explore issues of cultural diversity, human right, the environment and global peace through the arts.
I was able to participate in this cool event by attending a brainstorming session at the Science Museum and submitted sketches for the initial ideas and designs for the mural. I got to spend time with Amanda Joy Wells who helped create the design - featuring shapes and colors inspired by Peter Max.

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