Friday, January 21, 2011

It all started here at Green's Corner in May of last year.

Green's Corner located in Shawnee, Oklahoma is one of my favorite places to shop for "found objects" that I include in my glass art designs. While meandering in one room, I looked up and saw this skull. I liked how his horns had grown and the proportion of his entire head. I imagined him to be feisty and a little wild in his day, maybe even fast and smart. I bought the skull and decided I would make a glass cow skull one day using him as my inspiration.
Nine months later I did. I tried to get as close to the original shape as I could. Below is a photo taken with lights threaded up through the skull. The feather was also the same feather that hung on one of the horns. How did I create this piece? I have included pictures of the process - Enjoy!

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Glassgrrl Studios said...

Very beautiful. You certainly used your inspiration well; the cow would probably be proud. ;)