Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Peace Labyrinth on the River Trail

Painted sign on a big pine tree near the labyrinth.

Each person who enters the Labyrinth can say a prayer as they walk within the circled path and then put something at the end of the circle as they exit out to keep the circles growing wider and wider. The people and prayers grow the Labyrinth. I want to start one at my home this next year.

Someone added this. The first time I added a small rock, the second time I added a big pine cone. It was a beautiful and peaceful place.


Melody Lowes said...

I just walked a labyrinth today - a wonderful experience! But the ticks were out, and as a result I didn't get a photo. May I have your permission to add your photo to my next post? I will of course credit you and add a link to your site. Let me know what you think....


Jennifer Lynn Farrar said...

Melody..I amm so sorry but I just noe saw this comment...and I certainly hope you moved forward and used it. Sounds like you had good motives to begin with. Again, I apolgize for the delayed response.
Sincerely, Lynn
P.S. thanks for checking my blog.