Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cutting all the pieces and laying out the pattern...

I usually work out in my bus/studio to cut and draw the big designs. I took the old antique frame with me and as I cut the glass pieces I laid them in the squares. I thought I would try and hang these lead crystals in the centers of each window pane. A great idea but structurally that didn't work out. The overall design looked better when the lines went all in one direction instead of the break in the middle.

After I had cut the first batch of glass shapes, I realized I needed more. The copper foil on the right is what I used to put around every edge of every piece, then later I come back with the wooden fid to smooth out all the edges of the copper foil.
Later on in the design phase I realized I needed even MORE glass pieces. A total of over 370 individual glass pieces were finally used to create this design.

  1. This is what the glass looked like with the copper foiling on the edges. I coat each piece now with flux and after that is when I start to melt the metal. The flux helps the metal adhere to each glass piece.

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